Flurimi Fashion offers these types of products:
a) Ready-made products (Products that are ready to buy from the customers, that are produced mainly in 36, 38, or 40 size);
b) Pre-made products (Products that customer can order according to their sizes, but they don’t want to make any extra requirements in the product);
c) Customized products (Products that can be made by the Client’s requests and measurements)
If the Customer purchases a ready-made product, he/she will receive the same product as seen on Flurimi Fashion’s official social website;
The Customer understands that there may be slight differences in color, due to the different color settings in different monitors/screens.
If the ordered product is handmade, or contains handwork, the Customer understands that the product cannot be recreated in a completely identical way, as it’s done by hand and not by machine.
The product will be done approximately 90-95% the same if the beading and material used is the same as the promoted product.
Flurimi Fashion products take 2-30 days to be produced, depending on the complexity of the product. The sales team will accommodate a delivery date for the Customer as a deadline.
Exceptions to the timeframe are the cases where the material is not in stock and it has yet to arrive, and/or unpredicted circumstances, which the Customer will be informed about.