Modifications of Terms and Conditions

1 Flurimi Fashion reserves the right to make changes to The Terms and Conditions.
2 The Customer will be notified of any relevant changes up to 4 weeks before changes will take place


Privacy policy

9.1. The Customer understands that the Customer’s full name, e-mail address, phone number, and delivery address are information that must be collected from flurimi Fashion
The full name is used when referencing the order.
The e-mail address is used to send the Customer any relevant document and/or information about the Customer’s order, and/or anything else flurimi Fashion may deem as important.
The phone number is used as contact information in the shipping package.
The delivery address is used as the product’s destination address when shipped.
9.2. The Customer understands that this information is collected in Flurimi Fashion online orders database, to keep a record of the information so it isn’t lost.
9.3. The Customer understands that the Customer’s personal information will be used solely for the purposes stated in Article 10.1., and his/her information will not be published, shared, or distributed in any way, shape or form.
9.3.1. In the event that the Customer’s photos are posted in our promotion channels, consent will be requested.

Business policy

10.1. The items are intended to be sold to legal persons, who are purchasing upon personal needs ( hereinafter referred to as the “Customer".
10.3 Defects for which the seller is not responsible.
10.3.1 The seller is not liable for the defects, if the buyer at the time of entering into the contract was aware of the defects, or they could not have been unknown to him.
10.3.2 It is considered that they may not be unfamiliar to the buyer, those flaws which a careful person, with average knowledge and experience of the person of the same craftsmanship and profession as the buyer could easily notice during ordinary viewing of the item

Intellectual Property Policy

11.1. The Customer shall not reproduce, represent, distribute or adapt, directly or indirectly, any exclusive content pertaining to flurimi Fashion including trademarks, illustrations, photographs, videos, and designs in any way, shape, or form, without prior written consent from Flurimi Fashion.