Customer Care

How to Order

The following messages are sorted step by step , you need to follow each step in accordance to the number!


STEP 1 - If you do not have an account, go to the signup page and follow the instructions on the screen in able to create one.
“ If you already have an account , simply go the homepage and sign in “
STEP 2 - When you have created the account , you will receive an email from the Website to notify you that the account has been created successfully.
STEP 3 - After you receive all the information needed for your account. You go to the website and Sign In.

STEP 1 – After completing the previous steps now you have an account . Sign in and search for a product of your choice
STEP 2 – There are multiple ways to search for a product , you can search on the “ search bar “ by typing in keywords of a certain product which is the fastest way to search for something in particular
Step 3 – The other way is searching the product by “category” which you can utilize on the header section, for example the “New Comer” category.
Step 4 – If you want to search products by a certain price , you can use the sidebar on the left of the screen , you can arrange all products from lowest price to highest or the other way around and you can type in a certain number of the price and the product of that price or close to that price will appear on your screen.
STEP 5 – After you are done selecting the product , decide which size you want and the quantity of the product by clicking on the options on your screen and proceed by clicking the “ADD TO CART” button
STEP 6 – The ADD TO CART button adds your product to your cart , you can add multiple products to the cart , after you are done adding the products , you can click on the CART button which you can see on the top right of your screen with a cart logo!
STEP 7 - After you are done adding the desired amount of products to your cart you can proceed to the CHECKOUT button!

STEP 1 – Once you are ready and proceed to checkout you will need to fill in the information appearing on the screen such as :
– Full name,
– Last name,
– Address,
– Postal Code,
– Phone Number,
– Email Address
- Company Name
(in case you want to ship product in 2 different addresses we have provided a 2nd form you can fill in which you will see below the first one)
STEP 2 – On the left side of you have the option Your Order
– The description of the Product
– Size of the Product
– The amount you have to Pay for Customs Fee
– The total amount of the Product

4 - The payment Method
– Visa
– Visa Electron
– Master Card
5 - If you have read all the Terms and Conditions of the Company, you click on the option Place Order
6 - To the Check Out option you have:
– Number of the Product
– Date, when you placed the order
– Total amount of the Product
– Payment method that you have chosen.
Step 1 - After that, you have to fill in your Payment Card Information and click on the option Proceed
Step 2.- When you proceed, you will receive an email with all the information about your orders.
3. Ordering Process
3.1. To place an order, the Customer must contact or has to be contacted by one of our official communication channels:
3.1.1 Our Website – Flurimi Fashion

4. Payment
4.1. To place an order/purchase an item, the Customer must pay the full price of a product.
4.2 The payment(s) must be done through VISA, VISA ELECTRONIC, OR MASTERCARD.